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Japan April 18, 2015

The dates for much awaited Japan Tour are getting nearer, and we are all very excited to welcome you to Japan. We have put together an Information Package for you to help make your arrival and your stay during the trip enjoyable.

We are looking very much forward to seeing you all in Japan!

Japan Sangha members on behalf of the organizing committee for TNH and Plum Village Japan Tour 2015.


  • Place of stay

Shiba Park Hotel
1-5-10 Shibakouen Minato-ku, Tokyo
This is also the address to put on your luggage tag

There will be a member of the Japan Sangha member waiting for you at the airport on April 28th, between 7:45am through 18:30pm at the Narita Airport who will help you buy the limousine bus ticket and another member will be waiting for you at the bus stop of Celestine Hotel and help you get to Shiba Park Hotel and with checking in. Please find the members and come to the meeting point stated in the information package after arrival.

For those of you arriving before the above time and date in Narita, and at Haneda, we kindly ask you to get to the hotel by yourselves. Please see instructions on how to get there in the document.

  • Address of retreat site:Fuji Midorino Kyukamura 8532-5 Narusawa-mura,
    Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi prefecture, 
    401-0320, JapanTEL: +(81) (0) 555-85-2236FAX: +(81) (0) 555-85-2296E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Weather:   May is Spring time in Japan. The flower is still bloomingand it is still cold in the mountain, where the retreat is held. Please bring warm clothes, jackets, hats. It is good to bring some moisturizers because it is quite dry. Please bring your bottle of water or thermos. If you are allergic to pollens, please bring your medication too.

  • What to wear: It is fine to wear more casual clothes outside the meditation hall, please wear sleeved shirts, long pants or calf-length skirts inside the meditation hall.

  • Please bring your own 3.5 mm stereo ear phone/headphone for listening to the translations. Dharma talks will be given in English, but there are some speeches will be given in Japanese. Translation to English, Mandarin and Vietnamese are available.

  • Changing money: There are money exchange station in the airport. You may need to change money at the airport to pay for the remaining balance (if any) and for transportation charge. Once in the hotel, you can change money at there. The rate may be a bit more expensive than at bank. Therefore, we recommend that you shall exchange your money at the airport. Please also note that there is NO BANK to exchange your money at the retreat site and CREDIT CARD MAY NOT WORK there in the retreat site for your payments